vendredi 19 avril 2013

Yari Yari Ntoaso

Next month a huge literary/cultural event is taking place that is neither based in Haiti, nor exclusively about Haiti, but will feature several of our own brilliant writers and performers.  This year's Yari Yari Ntoaso women writers conference will take place May 16th-19th in Accra, Ghana. 

Yari Yari is a significant and dynamic conference for women writers of Africa and the diaspora.  An international symposium of women writers--it is simply without parallel.  This year's theme "Continuing the Dialogue" recognizes the huge impact made by women writers all over the world while acknowledging the work still left to be done and emphasizing as Yari Yari does, the importance of solidarity and collaboration in creative work.

The event is sponsored by institutions like the Organization of Women Writers (OWWA) and co-sponsored by New York University.  OWWA was founded in 1991, by African-American poet-activist Jayne Cortez and Ghanaian author Ama Ata Aidoo.The first Yari Yari was held several years later in 1997 then again in 2004.  I had the honor of attending Yari Yari Pamberi in New York in 2004 (almost a decade ago!) where I experienced the matchless energy, inspiration and encouragement that make it such a unique conference. 

This year's Haitian contingent is made up of our very own writer Evelyne Trouillot, performance artist Gabrielle Civil and scholar-artist-activist Gina Ulysse.  Each of these powerhouses will certainly bring their own unique spirit and creativity to the wonderful space that is Yari Yari and I cannot wait to hear about their time there!

Even if you cannot be in attendance you can learn more about Yari Yari and support this project by clicking here.