mardi 3 avril 2012

Haitian women writers et bonus

As I stated in my previous post, I was invited to speak at Swarthmore College last week. Thanks so much to Micheline Rice-Maximin for the invite! The title of my talk was Women Write Haiti and during the question and answer session, someone asked me to post a list of Haitian women writers. As I said on Friday, there are many of them -- too many to name them all. I invite you to explore this list compiled by the good people at Women Writers of Haitian Descent.

Let me also write out the names of the authors I mentioned in my talk. I know it can be heard to catch them if you're not familiar with French, don't see them written, or if the speaker talks too fast! I'm listing them "in order of appearance" and including links to bios where available or to English translations of their books. Happy Reading!

Cléante Valcin
Annie Desroy
Janine Tavernier
Jacqueline Beaugé-Rosier
Jessica Fièvre
Madeleine Sylvain Bouchereau
Madeleine Gardiner
Marie-Alice Théard
Myriam Chancy
Yanick Lahens
Kettly Mars
Evelyne Trouillot
Virginie Sampeur
Mona Guérin
Jacqueline Scott Lemoine
Paulette Poujol Oriol
Barbara Bastien 
Cynthia Bastien
Marie Chauvet
Lilas Desquiron
Marie-Célie Agnant
Edwidge Danticat
Emmelie Prophète
Jaira Placide
Katia Ulysse

En ce qui concerne le bonus: les lecteurs avides sont toujours à la recherche de livres. Si possible, pour pas cher et pourquoi pas gratuit? Figurez-vous que j'ai reçu cette semaine des liens pour des livres gratuits que je m'empresse de partager avec vous. Qui sait? Peut-être qu'on y trouvera des femmes auteures méconnues!

Ebooks libres & gratuits
Project Gutenberg
Livres pour tous
Livres & Ebooks
Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec


5 commentaires:

  1. Great job... Thanks for sharing and particularly your blog! Haitians and the world needs to know about female haitian authors...

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog, Gilbert! Thank you for joining us at Tande.

  3. Hi Tande,
    Nice blog! Did you know that Prime Members can read Margaret Papillon's books on Kindle for free? Also, I'd like to invite you to visit
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Tande,
    Just discovered that Margaret Papillon wrote a lot of books.
    She started to publish since 1987.
    Her novels (book and ebook) are only in French.

  5. Good job Tande! The more places we can find Haitian women authors the better. I have been on the WWOHD site and they do have an impressive list.

    Why are commentators here making this about one author -Margaret Papillon- in particular? This seems extremely childish and reflects badly on the writer that her fans are bombarding people about her, like they are desperate for attention or something. It is one thing to comment on how Tande is mentioning these authors and drawing attention to who we might not know, like Gilbert stated. It is something completely different to just ignore the entire post and only comment that there is an author who "wrote a lot of books". I would understand if the comments were "This post mentions a lot of women writers and there are so many more we should also be aware of such as x, y and z who have published in Haiti and represented Haiti over the years", but these last 2 comments just seem gratuitous and petty.